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Enjoy hours of entertainment during your flight with our selection of movies, music and games. Read on to know more about our latest inflight entertainment offering!


Relax and enjoy the best of entertainment in the privacy of your seat with individual screens and headsets available in both the Business and Economy Class on the Air Mauritius Airbus A350/A340/A330neo/A330-200 aircraft.

On board the A350, A340, A330neo, and the A330-200, the interactive AVOD (Audio & Video on Demand) system allows you to pick the movie of your choice, at your leisure. Enjoy a range of movies, from old classics to the latest releases at your own pace, throughout the flight! 

Also, with effect from 01 October 2019, Air Mauritius is pleased to unveil an enhanced selection of inflight entertainment offerings – be it movies, music or games – so that you’re spoiled for choice!


Treat yourself to a movie marathon 

Now, our passengers can enjoy many more of the latest Hollywood blockbusters, as well as treat themselves to a wider range of the best in Bollywood – which we have discovered over time to be a firm favourite with our flyers! 

Inflight entertainment

Apart from adding to our video gallery of Hollywood and Bollywood blockbusters, we now offer extra international and local content in the Chinese and French movie genre as well as a beefed-up TV series selection. 

Air Mauritius also invites passengers to check out the new and varied selection in our Lifestyle category, which includes wellness, as we bring to you the best and latest viral videos for relaxing viewing.

Watch a wide range of movies or TV shows, be it in French, English, Italian, German, Chinese languages (Mandarin and Cantonese), Indian languages (Hindi as well as Tamil) or from the heart of Africa. Whether it is the latest blockbusters, in-depth documentaries or fun movies and animation for children – we offer something for everyone.


Tune into music, and more

Air Mauritius is delighted to provide passengers with countless hours of entertainment, with more choices: from the latest music releases by a variety of artists around the world, of all genres: pop, rock n roll, jazz, classical, local Mauritian music, and more, to trending podcasts and audiobooks to help you enjoy your flight with us.

With effect from 01 October 2019, we have enhanced our audio offering with many more popular podcasts and audiobooks.

So, sit back, relax, and enjoy your favourite tunes. You could even use the opportunity to discover something new!




Game on!

Let the games begin! Escape from reality with our exciting games which shall keep you enthralled with many challenging levels on offer.

Whether you're a kid or simply a kid at heart, whether you are used to gaming or only indulge yourself occasionally, you'll enjoy our range of games that seek to cater to everyone. 

On board the A350, the A330neo and the A330-200, video games for one or more players are also available – a great way to unwind on your own, have fun with friends, or keep your children well and truly entertained!




Discover our Programme on the pre-selected entertainment system (A319) 

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