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AIRBUS A340-300

The Airbus A340-300 is a long-range, four-engine, wide-body commercial passenger aircraft.

The 90’s marked the start of the Airbus era at Air Mauritius when it became the first airline in the southern hemisphere to fly the brand new Airbus A340-300. The A340-300 was a new generation aircraft at the time which combined operating efficiency and high levels of comfort on long haul flights.


Since 2017, Air Mauritius has embarked on a bold investment programme leading to the modernisation of its fleet. To offer a similar level of comfort and facilities as its brand new flagship aircraft, the Airbus A350-900XWB and also the Airbus A330-900neo, its two Airbus A340-300 aircraft have been retrofitted. The new cabins offer full flat seats in Business Class, more space in Economy Class and a state of the art entertainment system in both classes. New LED Mood lights have also been added.

Air Mauritius currently has two Airbus A340-300C in its predominantly Airbus fleet. Our aircraft are called Parakeet and Paille-en-Queue.


The Parakeet and Paille-en-Queue endemic birds you may have the chance of sighting on a magical trip to Mauritius.



The echo parakeet, or Mauritius parakeet (Psittacula eques), is a vibrant, endemic parrot to Mauritius and is the last remaining species of Mascarene island parrots. These birds are sadly endangered. It is generally green (the female is darker overall) and has two collars on the neck; the male has one black and one pink collar, and the female has one green and one indistinct black collar. As the species is limited to forests with native vegetation, it is largely restricted to the Black River Gorges National Park in the southwest of Mauritius. These gorgeous parrots can grow up to 36cm in length and live on flowers, leaves and the fruits of both native and exotic plants.


The remarkable bird that inspired the logo for Air Mauritius, the Tropicbird, or Paille-en-queue, is a gorgeous seabird found along the shores of many tropical islands and in Mauritius. The adult white-tailed tropicbird is a slender, mainly white bird, 71–80 cm long including the very long central tail feathers, which double its total length. The wingspan is 89–96 cm. The white-tailed tropicbird (Phaethon lepturus) feeds mainly on flying fish, squid and crabs. It catches its prey by diving from height of up to 20 meters. The white-tailed tropicbird breeds on tropical islands laying a single egg directly onto the ground or a cliff ledge. 


Aircraft Seating Plan

Business Class
28 seats in a 1-2-1 configuration, Solstys Standard seats with 45” pitch and seat width of 20.7’’ featuring fully horizontal lie-flat bed, 15.6” inflight entertainment screen from Zodiac – RAVE

Economy Class
264 seats in a 2-4-2 configuration, Zodiac Z308 series seats with a comfortable 31” pitch, seat width of 17.2” and a recline of 6”, and 11.6” inflight entertainment screen from Zodiac – RAVE











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